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We install solar systems for businesses, commercial buildings and households.


Economical and maintenance-free

First and foremost, the use of solar cells is about economics.

In the summer months, you can produce more electricity than you use. The electricity you do not use yourself is sold on the open market and settled on the electricity bill. The solar panels are maintenance free. 

With your own solar cell system, you become your own electricity producer, and even cooler - you can even make money from it, by selling excess electricity to an electricity supplier!

Interested in knowing the price of panels and how much energy you can produce? Contact Us!

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P3 Elektro is a proud
partner of Bruk-Bet

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Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika offers premium modules that have high performance and efficiency.

Our partners use the autonomous cell cutting station in the production process, which guarantees the highest precision when cutting in a thermal, stress-free process.

Using the best technology guarantees quality for our customers and is in line with global trends. 

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